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The team behind the upcoming sci-fi series Echelon interviewed VOYCE* during his video shoot for ‘Beautiful Pain’, from his upcoming album ‘AiaC: Angels & Demons’.

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“Great pop song , This song will make it on the top ten in the music charts all around the world. This is a song that will stick to your brain and make you sing it, The music is fresh and trendy, with some romantic and classy touches that make it special. This band has what it takes to make it in the music industry, they have talent and creativity to deliver sounds and create lyrics. I enjoyed the voice of the singer, he sounds very well in tune, and hi the notes with a smooth touch, he reveals the message with intention and love. The lyrics are very romantic, they mix very well with the music and create a real song that will impact many lives. I would love to hear this guys in a concert, they will make the crowd very happy !”

“This song is deep. The singer has great soul and feeling in the way he delivers the words to this song. I really like the way the song flows and the words sound. You can tell the singer has great impact and feeling in the song. He has a personal story to tell and it comes out through the words of this song. I like the way this song comes together. The simple flow of the instrumental arrangement is perfect. I really love the way the song sounds and the way it makes me feel. It brings me back to a relationship that could have worked out but overtime it was better that is did not. I appreciated the listen. Great job”

“I thought the lyrics were written well and the performance was strong a hit,with no room for improvement,the beat was full of variety and changes to keep u hooked,i enjoyed the hook most of all,it really made the track stand out”

“The intro was interesting and calming, and the vocals were very soft. Nice use of synth too, it’s something to set the mood and it sounds like something Drake would have made, and we all know how successful Drake is”

“The artist has a great performance telling and asking for his girl. The track has some great melodies and they accompany they accompany the artists well. the vocals show obvious talent and the tones capture you. the lyrics pull at your heart strings and leave you provoked. Overall this is a good experience the artist did well. I think it has commercial potential”

“A great intro, had a good hook, the instrumentation was good. the singer has a nice voice. The rapper was expressing himself with good lyrics. A contemporary song for the age period. I could see this song raising to the top”

“Very soothing beat. I really enjoy the voice and melody of the tune. I love the Rhythm. I defiantly know this could be a hit. The meaning of the song is also really good. modern r&b. I like how there was rap mixed with it. Very Excellent!”

“The intro was great. It reminded me of many great hip hop songs. I love the lyrics. The techno sound of the instrumentals was fantastic the vocal interlude was fantastic. The rap was good. I love the pace they took, The beat kept interest! I think this is a star song, put a few more for an album so it doesn’t become a one hit wonder!”

“Strings introduce in the beginning with the sounds of drums following through. Next are harmonious vocals resembling the singer Miguel. Even though I recognize the artist vocals with another, he stays true to his style in this nicely mixed track. Lyrics paint a vivid picture of a man wanting to be with one special girl despite having all of these girls who want him. He desires the girl and how they used to be when they were together. The hook is sweet and simple progressing well into the rest of the song. The track overall is romantic even though he sings of a broken heart. He is a voice for many who have felt the same way about being in love. The additional rapping conveys more and adds variety to the song. A different story is told, however an overall picture is painted for anyone to imagine and relate to.”

“BIGGG TUNE. keep your eyes and ears open for this guy. im really loving the style of this song. nice use of the synth drums in this track. this could be a great! summer tune. this guys voice is melting all the girls hearts, and he knows it. the production of this track is so artistic it keeps you guessing constantly, just making you want to listen more and more and then they hit you the bridge with the rap which was tight, that guy is clever lyricist. hats off to the production team tho. i couldnt stop my head from bopping even if i wanted to. for me that song could go on repeat. ican see it being in a lot of peoples playlists in ther future. big! chart topper potential.”

“I LOVE THIS! I even turned up my volume. The lyrics are absolutely wonderful. I can definitely relate to the lyrics. I love the harmony with the woman in the background singing with the main singer. The rap verse was very good as well. I can definitely hear this on the radio and definitely on my iPod. It has a very smooth feel and is extremely easy to listen to in any circumstance. The music was soothing and the singers and music did not clash at all. The song came together beautifully and definitely made my head nod while listening. I loved it.”

“Such a pretty song. The melody Is soft and sweet. The lyrics are full of emotion and the vocalist makes sure you feel that. The beat is great for both the R&B and Hip Hop that’s included in the song. I’d listen to it again and again if I could”

“i thought this was a trail-blazingly new song. the melody was tender ans seductive in style. i thought the singer had a lush voice that was soulful. i thought the lyrics were sculptured really well to sound like a fresh rnb song”

“The intro instrumentals are mysterious and intrigue the listener. The lyrics in this track are emotional and deep - the vocals portray this effectively. Great range with the rapping sections too. A very heart felt track that I feel a lot of people will be able to relate to. In turn, this track has a high commercial potential.”

“I love the drums set in this track of music. I love the singer’s voice it is very soothing yet tensed at the same time. I love how the heartening of the tune is great to hear. Thanks I would download this piece or sure!!!”